I’m ready. Physically ready. Mentally ready.
Personally, I am ready. Ready to dare I say, label myself a missionary. I ain’t gonna lie, this has been a long long process. If for some reason you have read some of my previous blogs, you have learned that I have ran from this missionary thing since I was a kid. Then I became comfortable with the idea a few years back but my wife wasn’t ready. Now we are both on the same page. I didn’t force or talk her into anything. We came to this decision individually as partners.

Physically, I have gained 12lbs and moved up 4 notches on my belt. Three months ago when I decided to get back into studly shape, I was on the last notch of my belt. After spending 2 weeks in Costa Rica and experiencing how physically demanding doing ministry with 6:8 would be, I knew I didn’t want my physique to slow me down. Amazingly, I have learned how much my health effects my relationship with my family, God, and others.

Mentally, I couldn’t convince myself that being a missionary is what I am created to do. It didn’t make sense. I have a lot of baggage. And missionaries are supposed to be grounded and always faithful. Right? As soon as I accepted that God wanted to and could use me, I said ok. Ya, just ok. It took me awhile to be enthusiastic because I wanted firm answers to all of my petty questions. I realized God doesn’t give firm answers because that’s what faith is for.

But then there is that funny word. Spiritual. I keep asking myself, “Am I spiritually ready?” I should ooze spirituality. A halo must be seen hovering over my head. Bible verses would flow from tongue as I decipher the reason why my Coke can just exploded in my face. Ha ha, you think I am joking but I really viewed missionaries in this light. I don’t think I am spiritually ready and I hope I never do. As long as I realize that I need to continue striving to become excellent in my spirituality, God will help me grow. As long as I depend on God I will be as ready as I can possibly be.