The look on this womans face amazes me. I see strong. She harvests her produce and brings it all to town on her own. The blue fabric around her body is cradling her baby on her back.

A local store at the center of Magdalena, Guatemala.
A church has decided to postpone their plans to build a church home of their own and challenged themselves to use those funds to start what they call, The 12X12 project. This body of believers is building 12 homes every month for a year. Approximately $3000 dollars will build a home like the one you see below. Also, notice the previous home next to the new one. These homes are simple 2 room homes with a wood burning stove. This has allowed the ministry to hire a local maintenance staff who builds the homes.
Stephanie with the kids from the family who are currently having a home built.

A group of woman doing what the do. Moving corn from field to home to make tortillas. The blue building in the background has been painted by a cell phone company. The company will paint houses for free as long as they can throw up their advertising.
These sisterns are filled up daily between 6am to 9am. When they’re empty they’re empty. You just have to wait until tomorrow. With 12 people, we have depleted the water everyday. It’s good for the soul.