I couldn’t sleep last night. It wasn’t the dog that would be dead if I had a rifle. I think that’s what they sell slingshots for, at least that’s what I’m gonna buy one for. It wasn’t the guy stacking sheet metal or the sound of horse hooves. It wasn’t the thought of me falling through the bunk bed and crushing my wife below.

God. He kept me up. He was revealing things to me like never before. No, I didn’t hear a voice and there was no hand hovering around the wall writing God’s message to me. But my throught process made a lot of sense. Usually the thoughts are extremely chaotic. But to keep this simple I will list what I have learned these few days.

1. All my questions have been based on doubt and selfishness. (I’m really thinking questioning God’s will, only makes the answers more confusing.)
2. Living sacrificially/taking up your cross/living the great commission can never be done in the wrong place. (Why would God not support someone who is only doing what WE ALL have been told to do as Chrsitians?)
3. The reason I don’t “hear” God is because I am not listening. (When I ask questions based upon #1, I want to hear the answers that I WANT to hear.)
4. If I am in God’s will, my family will be as well. (Believe me, I want to ensure my familys future is blessed but I fear if I don’t do this, our family will not be happy and blessed.)
5. My worldview should always be based on God’s view. Not mine. (I can’t expound.)