I have been thinking, praying, and writing lately. This missions things seems so real. I can taste it. I have been thinking about how to creatively and effectively raise our support. I have been praying that I do not insert my ego and personal agendas into this plan. I have been writing a support letter. Here is what I have come up with so far. It was edited once by my bro Spencer. Take a gander and tell me what you think.

Dear friends and family,

I would like to share some exciting news with you. We believe that God has called our family to serve as full-time missionaries with 6:8 Ministries in Costa Rica. Therefore, we are prayerfully seeking families and individuals that would come alongside and support this work of God.

While we do need to raise support, we don’t want to manipulate or cause anyone to give under compulsion. Rather we want partners that will share in our excitement in what we believe God is going to do through our family in Costa Rica. We need partners that want to give out of a passion and excitement for strengthening and expanding the kingdom of God.

While we are moving to Costa Rica, this is no tropical paradise. We will be serving in Alajuelita, which is the poorest county per capita in Costa Rica. It’s an urban “crack ghetto” with 70% unemployment. The prolific drug abuse and legalized prostitution are constant challenges.

We have partnered with 6:8 Ministries to accomplish what we believe God is calling us to do. 6:8 Ministries is a mission organization committed to providing affordable, high-quality, life-changing mission experiences in Costa Rica and Guatemala. They also have ongoing ministries such as church plants, child sponsorship, feeding center, micro-businesses, and more. They’ve had a fruitful ministry in Alajuelita for over three years now. God is growing the ministry and they need our help!

We will be sending regular updates informing you of how God is using your moolah and prayers. If you would like the play by play of our lives in Costa Rica check out our blog.

We have budgeted $3,000 a month for our family. This budget was approved by the 6:8 Ministries board of directors. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you would like to see how we are spending the money. 6:8 Ministries is a legal 501c3 non-profit organization. Therefore all donations to the general fund or to my family’s support are tax deductible.

Please don’t spend your time praying for our nerves, the culture shock, or safety as if there’s some imminent disaster of which we are unaware. We are not nervous, we like variety, and we don’t fear death. Pray instead for the people we’ll encounter, that our desires are His desires, and that His will be done. Everything else will fall into place.

After prayer if you have peace about supporting our family in this calling, please send your check to:

6:8 Ministries
c/o Linda Swain
9 Genesee St.
Scottsville, NY 14546

Please make your check payable to 6:8 Ministries and be sure to write Knutson Family Mission in the memo section. If you would rather pay electronically through Paypal go here _________.

Being His hands and feet,

The Knutsons

Terry and Jason have offered to help me start 10dollarmissionary.com. (If you need a site built hit either of ’em up and if you need some awesome BBQ sauce Jason knows a guy named Heffy.) I can’t wait to get that up live and thanks in advance you guys. I hope this site will spawn support and I really would love to see it grow into something that could help support other missionaries in the future. Like Terry. I plan on running a blog off of that site versus using this platform. I’ll still try to keep up with this arrogantly named blog but this will be for personal use.