I haven’t attempted to blog lately because my mind is running circles. I can’t come up with complete thought processes. So I have been coming up short. This weekend I sat under a tree, deer hunting. Something about the stillness of a cool morning and late evening is euphoric. It’s so easy to listen and hear God without any other distractions, other than 50 turkeys running 10 yards in front of me. Here were some of my thoughts that I would love to blog about but keep coming up short. It’s my Treestand Theology.

– I am always bad. I may do good deeds but I usually come up short in light of God’s plan.

– God is always good.

– God is just. Since He is just he has the right to punish but buT bUT BUT He has the ability to bless inspite.

– God wants to use me and you. Why? I have no idea.

– God wants me to question, study, and share His truths.

I saw a bobcat for the first time in the wild. It was dark. She was moving. I pulled. I shot. I came up short. I have wanted to kill a bobcat for a long time. Now I am thinking, if my life had been or was more aligned with God’s plan, would He have allowed me to bag that cat?