waitingI spent approximately 15 hours this past weekend waiting on a deer to walk within 40 yards of me. I know it sounds boring to sit as still as possible. Not to mention having to pee for hours upon hours. In the middle of a row of trees is where I want to be this time of year. The sitting quietly, patiently, anxiously, and nervously soothes my soul.

The Discovery channel has nothing on the “real” thing. Watching a dominant cow have his way with the ladies is discoveryawkward but interesting (the process of how he chooses). Hearing the sound of leaves being disturbed got my heart thumping because I just knew the sound was a deer. Nope, it turns out it was just two young squirrels playing as if the other had coodies while secretly knowing they both wanted nuts. Then there was the fuzzy robin look-a-like bird that let out this potent chirp. That chirp must have been flavored with John Mayer sauce because it did the trick. Not a moment later the opposite sex of the same species returned some love notes of its own.


I don’t know why but all these events got me thinking about time. As in time space continuum. I have always viewed God as being under the earth with his finger spinning the world like a Harlem Globetrotter spins a basketball. I thought to myself, “When God was finished on the seventh day he knew these particular animals would be trying to procreate, on that day, at that particular time.” I can barley wrap my head around that. There could have been a lot of factors that prevented these acts from happening. Here are some questions that have been disturbing my brain since then.


Once God started “time”, can circumstances change His motion?

Can prayer be used to intervene God’s own plan? (this one sounds completely atrocious to my doctrine/theology)

Does man’s free will have the ability to influence God himself?

Does man actually have a “free will”?