Would you buy a hybrid? I wouldn’t. I swore to myself I would never own another vehicle with a 4 cylinder engine. Unless it was a motorcycle or something. When we bought my wife’s Honda we thought about the Hybrids but the lack of power made me pass. I decided I would compromise by using reusable grocery bags and go with the V6.

For me, the appeal of the Hybrid was all about saving money on gas not about saving the dolphins. If a manufacturer produces an engine that is economical and powerful, I’d be interested. Heck, I think any consumer would be interested.

Some want to have power. Some want to save money. Some want to save the dolphins. And even within this quirky little era, were urged to choose a side.

I read and loved this yesterday. After I read this it was if a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

Have you chosen a side? Were you influenced by man to choose this side? Or did you approach the bible with no agendas and allow God and His word to breathe into you?