The other night I walked out of the Y to our car to head home. Out of nowhere, I started wanting. My selfish thoughts went something like this. “I don’t like driving a car (I share a car with my wife).” “I should just buy a truck and then sale it when we move to Costa Rica.” And then I got the urge to add some features to our home. I felt guilty. I know what the big picture looks like that God has for our lives. I felt guilty because I knew these thoughts were foolish compared to this picture.

My wants are merely wants not needs. There is definitely a difference between a want and a need.

In the book of Mark there was a blind man named Bart who had an encounter with Jesus. Jesus asked the man what he wanted. Bart replied, “I want to see.”

Would you describe Barts request to see, as a want or a need?

I want and am trying so hard to only have needs. As I look back over my life, the only thing I feel I truly have ever needed has been a relationship with Christ. I have never needed food, clothing, or shelter. I am obviously blessed just to be able to say that. And what else could someone actually need other than a relationship with Christ, food, shelter, and clothing?

Bart walked away with the ability to see because of his faith.

Have you asked Christ to take care of your needs? Do you believe and have the faith that He will take care of your needs?
If He has taken care of your needs, are you more concerned about your wants than you are with others needs?