Most of the time anger is humorous. At least in my warped mind.
I really love hearing old men get angry. Like when they say something to the effect of "That’s dumber ‘en a f*ing Christmas tree." I swear, I heard a guy say that the other day.

Surely you can look back into your cached files and remember a time when you were truly pissed. Rightfully pissed.
Would you say it was stupid to get that angry, now, after you have had the chance to cool off?

Yes, of course I get pissed. And I’ll admit I get set off by the stupidest things.
But I have secret anger. When I get angry, nobody knows. I hide it pretty well.
Then one day I get behind somebody who isn’t driving fast enough for my liking and a mini hell unleashes.

So what’s your thoughts? Is it ok to get angry, as long as it is a slow growing anger like the anger attributed to God?