Man whore, jerk, scum, house wrecker, whore monger, politician, dirty old man, and now a loaf of bread. All the names that have labeled a man who partakes with prostitutes.

Loaf of bread?
Proverbs 6:26 for the prostitute reduces you to a loaf of bread…

I know in scripture prostitutes would "work" and their wages would be paid in the form of bread.
Before this verse appears there is nothing but warnings to the young man. And this verse is a part of the consequences.

But a loaf of bread?

Maybe it’s a reminder.

Both parties are just as guilty. If men didn’t pursue prostitutes they would be put out of "business".
As I read the background of how the process worked in Proverbs, I kept thinking of how common these acts are today. The lifestyle of the desperate housewife, swinging couples, escorts, "massages", or whatever you want to call it…

Maybe the bread is an object lesson with the hope of deterring people from participating in this lifestyle.
Here is my comparison of bread and prostitution.

Bread Molds. Prostitution can cause things to get bumps and turn red.
Bread is Sliced. Prostitution will tear your life apart.
Bread is cheap. Prostitution isn’t worth the cost.