What motivates you? What inspires you? What makes you uncomfortable?
The presence and knowledge of sin and suffering, motivates me.
People who live to give, inspire me.
Theology makes me uncomfortable. My theology causes these questions.

I constantly think about these questions. Not having answers to these questions makes me angry.
Talking about these questions instead of acting upon them, makes me fill up with guilt.
More often than not, I do my best to forget about these questions because I don’t feel capable.

Right now, I don’t have answers. But I do have a lot of questions. Don’t you hate that?
Instead of an answer you receive another question.
Here are some questions I have. But please remember they are just questions.

Why isn’t the title Christian viewed as a verb and not a noun. Or, why is being a Christian based on
what one believes instead of how one acts.

Do we really believe that the church is the people? Really?
Then why do people say, “I go to _________ Church.” instead of saying, “I am ________ Church.”
(Of course this is all just a play on words but there must be truth in all this.)
Maybe it’s because one would have to insert themselves into a situation in which proof was
physical and not verbal.

Why is our governments number one priority not education? Volunteer in a school to see proof of this.
Friday night I spent a couple of hours tending the concessions at a middle school dance.
My heart broke as I saw numerous kids who literally couldn’t comprehend that 50 cents plus 75 cents
equals $1.25. Middle school kids!

I can’t stop there. Take a walk through some of the schools in your area. Not the schools in the middle
of white suburbia. But the schools that families will put themselves in debt up to their eyeballs to
move away from.
Why has the “church” made the same move?

Is it possible for poverty to end? Or at least reduce by 50%?
The only way I see this happening would be by people giving and serving more.
How do we give more?
I know the style is to get more when we make more. But JunkyCarClub.com offers an alternative.
Who is going to start JunkyHouseClub.com? Of course that might mean that we have to send our kids
back to the schools that we moved away from.
How do we serve more?
By answering the above questions.