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Do you version? If you don’t know by now, I am total fan of YouVersion.com. It has completely enhanced the way I study God’s word. You know how you can jump on YouTube because of an email and then that video leads you to another, and then another, and the next thing you know, you are watching a baby roll around with a poisonous snake? (that happened to me the other day) Well, that’s how I get lost in YouVersion.

Let’s play the “what if” game. Let’s make assumptions. And while were at it let’s throw some kool aid in the washer machine.

Do you think bible sales will eventually fall because of sites like YouVersion? Do you think the bible publishers will put a hit out on Craig Groeschel? The bible has been like the best-selling book of all time. Do you know what you have done lifechurch.tv?

Have you seen the numbers on YouVersion, as far as how many minutes people have spent using this free service? Billions. I see a decline in the future for the black leather books. But not the navy blue. The navy blue will remain strong.

Are there any numbers on how many dusty bibles that are not in use? I bet I got 20. Somebody start a ministry to collect these unused bibles to give to prisons. You know the prisoners get those crappy pew bibles. Pew bibles stink. They have the smell of used juicy fruit wrappers and old lady. I know I got a couple of bibles I spent $70 plus on sitting in my basement. Let’s give ’em away.

And there are still bible users who know nothing about YouVersion. For instance my mom. And she goes to Fellowship Church. Maybe Ed has stock in Zondervan. Man I would love to hear Mr. Zondervan put the smack down on church projectors and YouVersion.com/mobile.

Hey Thomas Nelson, maybe if your bibles included a highlighter and pages that didn’t bleed through. Maybe if you could magically create a bible that included 41 versions in 22 languages that fit in my pocket, I would buy one in burgundy. Um, I don’t think magic is allowed but I won’t tell anyone. The only version not included is the rainbow study version but I’m sure some simple coding would resolve this lack of color. Oh yeah, YouVersion just reminded me that I can use the parallel feature anytime I want, if I stick with them.

Scofield, what do you mean no concordance is included? Who needs a concordance when you have your own search engine and if that fails, only because it returns exhaustive answers, uh, can you say google? What do you mean I don’t read the bible, I just listen to the audio? Well, that day you caught me with the ear buds in, I had just returned from having my eyes dilated. Really, I do read the words.  Have you seen my personal journal? Oh yeah, you can’t see it because it’s private. But you can see my public contributions along with some of the other famous YouVersion users as well. Tony Morgan is on there. I don’t know about John Acuff. I believe John carries a pocket size bible in his back pocket in the event of a blundered side hug. I must admit, I do use YouVersion to shamelessly plug this here blog since the creators offer me the ability to link to various creative outlets.

Hey and keep this on the DL…I’m still trying to get my foot in the door to pitch my idea to Craig and Bobby about selling shiny bookmark ribbons for laptops. Mr. Zondervan, do you buy the ribbon for your bible bookmarks in the craft section at Mardels?