(PHOTO from Ross_G)

Yes, I said it. I’m a wussie. I mean we are talking about food people. You call me a wussie and you will get to experience what it will be like if I go without food for 21 days. I promise it won’t be pretty.

Just thinking about not eating for a day scares me. “Nope! Not me. I can’t do it.”

So I start poking around the internet and the bible. All the while, I’m hoping I find that fasting isn’t for everyone. But as I’m poking (I don’t know either.) I realize the answers I’m searching for aren’t answers to the question “Why should I fast?” No sir. I want to know “How?”.

I’m like an old man when comes to eating. My body does not let me forget. I work my ass off in the gym just so I can eat whatever I want. Oh my God, no coffee?!? No beer? No pizza? No fajitas? No grilled cheese? No cigars? Um, this fast officially ends tomorrow (These are thoughts that are going through my head.). So as I’m poking the interweb, I’m looking for tips and tricks. Like…How do you handle 21 days of water or juice? I see disaster. I predict a four-letter word. RUNS! What do I do at 9:30am when I have had no coffee (I’m sure I could be covert about it. What coffee?) and no breakfast? How do I keep from going medieval on the snack machine? And then the dreaded going to bed hunger! Someone will have to lock up the Fruit Loops. Cause at 2:00am, I will be hiding under the kitchen table pounding down the loops like a chipmunk.

And then I notice that I’m missing the point. Fasting isn’t a feat to accomplish. Fasting is an act of being totally dependent on the provider. I may or may not attempt to fast this new year. If I do fast, it’s between me and Him. Is there such thing as a 18 hour fast?