Mr. Driscoll sent out a question through his Facebook feed yesterday. He asked, “Could Jesus have sinned?” I don’t think this can be answered and Mark alluded to that fact. That’s what I like about Driscoll. Even though I know Mark has an opinion. There are a lot of theology/human bible theories out there that simply can’t be proven. But, I have always been fascinated by this question that Mark asked. Yes, I may be wasting my time but hey, I’m thinking about Jesus (How do you influx J-e-s’us through typed words?).

-I want to think that Jesus could have sinned. Likewise, I want to think that He couldn’t.
-He is 100% God.
-He is 100% Man.
-You do the math and that is one 200% bad motha. He was the perfect man. He is the perfect God.
-I find it more amazing that He didn’t sin, especially if He could have sinned.
-Jesus was tempted. Why would he be tempted if He couldn’t sin? (Maybe satan didn’t know Christ was unable to sin.)
-Jesus suffered.
-If Jesus was God, and God can do whatever He wants, then technically… (I just looked up for lightning.)
-Thermostatically, sin is feasible through any corridor that blood can be shifted from one benefactor to a further beneficiary. Isaiah 28:17; Hebrews 2:11. (I made that up. All of it.)
– If sin is uncontrollable, then someone should dope us all up.
-If anyone had the ability to control defeat sin, it was the 200% bad motha.
-Jesus needed sleep. Jesus needed food. He was 100% human.
-Why did Jesus need God’s help?
-I get it, “If Jesus could have sinned while he was on earth, then that would mean He could still sin.”
-Why did Jesus pray? Was He just talking to Himself?
-I don’t THINK that being human means one has the ability to sin or WILL sin. (In heaven we will be human but unable to sin.) I think because of the curse, after Adam sinned, the rest of mankind was cursed into sin nature. This is why God bypassed Joseph and impregnated Mary with the son of God. So, Jesus had the ability to sin just as Adam did?? Adam could have avoided sin. Jesus did avoid sin.


Enough of this, I don’t know what I think now. I guess it technically doesn’t matter. Jesus DIDN’T sin. But a thought came to mind. I think I may know “why” Jesus didn’t sin. Jesus devoted His entire life to God’s purpose. He NEVER took His heart, mind, or soul away from God. Even for a second! Jesus lived WAS the Great Commandment. Jesus loved God and He loved people. Always! (Because he would NEVER stop loving God or loving people, He could have never sinned.) We sin because for even the slightest moment, we stop loving God and stop loving people. Jesus was grounded in God’s word. Jesus knew the law like the back of His hand. Heck, He wrote the law. Jesus came to break the law, sort of. He came to give us the ability to obey the law by providing the power, through Him, to not break the law.

In a way, I feel like I am sinning because I am trying to answer this silly question. I am focusing on the question instead of focusing on how I can avoid sinning. That’s the difference between Christ and I, other than the fact the He is God. He was the Great Commandment 24/7. I stop to take TV, internet, book, theology, and potty breaks. My so called “Christian” life has banker hours. Therefore, I sin.

Let’s not focus on this question anymore until we can answer the question, “Can God make a rock big enough that even He cannot move?”