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Worship –

It’s a loaded word. At least for me, worship is hard to define. I believe I should must, take my opinions and self out of the picture when I attempt to define worship. Naturally, I want to throw music, communion, prayer, tithing, and all the things that take place in a typical church service into the definition. And these are all good things. All acts of worship. But these things are a “no-brainer”, at least in my mind. These things are our duty. It’s like being at an event and when the national anthem is sung, you take your hat off and put your hand over your heart (Especially since everyone else is doing it). Well, at least those who believe in the idea of America.

I have heard many “famous” worship leaders state that true worship is done 90% or more of the time outside the safety of church walls.

So I ask myself, “How can I know that I am worshiping?”

I remember Abraham. Abraham was told he was going to be blessed. He was rich. He had a hot wife. Seriously, his wife was smokin’. Read the story. His wife Sarah wanted to have a son with Abram. Abram had children with other woman and Sara wanted a child of their own. Eventually, God told them that they would have a son, even though Sarah had passed her “fertile” years. So, they waited. God kept his word and gave them a son, Isaac.

Then God wanted to prove Abraham’s love for God. So God told Abraham to sacrifice his beloved son Isaac. I still can’t imagine. But I don’t see anywhere that Abraham questioned God. I don’t see that Abraham even stalled. I have to believe that Abraham had all sorts of thoughts rolling through his mind though. “Sarah will hate me forever if I do this.” “I will be charged for murder.” Yet, Abraham went through with God’s plan. He went through with the plan all the way up to the point where the blade was raised above Isaac’s head. (Can you imagine the sheer fear in Isaac’s eyes?)  God told Abraham to, “Stop!” Then God provided a lamb for both Abraham and Isaac to sacrifice together.

Worship is giving God the best that He has given you. -Oswald Chambers

This goes against my “defense is the best offense” theory. I think we are playing defense with our worship. We focus on us. We want to protect ourselves.  Our desire is to be pleased with worship. Our desire is to please others with how we worship. We play defense by emphasizing our duties. We have a list and on this is list we have written, I don’t do “this” sin, I go to church, I sing, I clap, I fast, I give, I pray, I partake…I play defense. Playing defense is safe. (It’s easy for the terrorist to rant and rave in a cave but why doesn’t he do this in a NRA meeting?)

Offensive worship is totally different. To sum it up, I would describe it as, doing something that you don’t want to do but God wants you to do. Offensive worship is uncomfortable. Offensive worship involves God and then you. Not the other way around. Worship must always begin with God. If it doesn’t then the act is not worshiping, its self serving. I believe we will sin less once we worship more.

If that Oswald Chambers quote is true, then how do we worship God?