I know how touchy-feely the Christian culture is. Everyone has their own agenda, opinion, perception, and answer to EVERY issue. I am looking for answers. The only thing I am sure of is that I am supposed to Love God and Love People. So, I figured I better put a warning/disclaimer page up to keep the right side’s pants down and the left side’s pants up. I truly strive to study both sides of any issue and will even study a third or fourth side if need be. So this is my warning to you. You may read opinions and agendas you disagree with. You may read 4 letter words like love and hate. You will hear me poking fun at the Christian culture. And so, I began to think about how others perceived me through this outlet. I used to get a little apprehensive about those who read this stuff because I was worried I would offend. If you disagree or think I’m un-Christian…blank-blank (love you). I promise to never come to a conclusion on a issue through a guess, assumption, or influence through Fox News. This is my space. This is my journal. Nothing I say should be blamed on the community I worship with or the ministry partners I serve with. If you find yourself offended, blame me. This whole thing probably started off on the wrong foot anyway; just look how narcissistic the web name is.